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UDA Samba Fitness is the energy boosting and calorie burning class that blends styles of Samba No pe, Forro, Axe and trendy Brazilian dances in 1 hour session.Students expect a fun non-stop dance workout of 100% Brazilian origins. 

Experience the rhythms and trendy dances from Brazil and traditional Samba dances from Carnaval! Take a Brazilian Samba class at UDA and be transported to the exotic streets of Rio de Janeiro. Enjoy the lively traditional dance while learning more about a proud nation. United Dance Academy is all about bringing talents and cultures together, and this class is perfect example of that very idea. Follow us 
* Workout clothes, jazz or dance shoes recommended.

Brazilian Samba Fitness (Two locations)
Landmark Fitness Club  
12740 Merit Dr
Dallas TX 75251 Map

Beginner Samba
No prior samba training, great for new dancers
$45 Month/$18 class
Monday 7:30 pm

All levels Samba Intermediate
Some samba training experience to advanced.
Class evolves in moderate choreographs and Brazilian samba foot-shines.
$60 Month/$15 class
Thursday 7:30 pm

Saturday 10:30 am

Diesel Fitness
2901 City place W Blvd #100
Dallas TX 75204 Map
All levels Samba/Axe/Funk
Tuesday 7:00 pm
$45 Month/ $15 Class 

*Beginner dancers are always welcome to attend any class that fits their schedule. Our Samba classes combine across the floor drill warm ups, and great cardio combination movements to build into samba dancing. Repetition is the key to learn this dance. A guaranteed fun time and great workout! 

Samba is a lively, rhythmical dance of Afro-Brazilian origin that Begun in Brazil in the 19th century. This individual dance can be danced to fast carnival music, to slower music like Bosa Nova, Samba de Gafieira, Samba de Pagode and other pop Samba music.

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Zumba was awesome tonight! Great workout.

Alynna W.
I have to tell you, Kira's belly dance class tonight: OMG, AMAZING

Susan G.